Thursday, 8 September 2016

wifi password hacker

WiHack – is the first working program for hacking Wi-Fi. This project was developed as a special software to work with protected wireless networks. WiHack is an improved version of Wi-FI Pirate 3 which we have previously tried to crack.
The program is able to analyze wireless Wi Fi for the presence of insecurity, then it becomes possible to perform the main hacking features such as:
1)Get the Users List
2)Guess the network password (crack Wifi password)
3)Sniffing Users Mode (you are able to see every User's movement)
4)Block the User (program will disconnect user from the network, it's useful when somebody is donwloading something and because of that your internet start lagging)

Features Wifi-Password Hacker 2016

Some key features of WIFI Hack 2016 are mention below & many upcoming features are adding day by day in it.
1- Free – Don’t have any cost or funds
2- Hack any network – WAP, WEP & WAP2 hacking is the most dominant feature
3- Virus Free – It doesn’t consist any virus. All your file will be safe.
4- Easy to use – You don’t need to pay attention how to hack wifi password.
5- WI-FI detector – The software could examine wireless WIFI-Hack for the presence of insecurity and allow it to done the primary hacking functions.
6- Save all incoming wireless networks – You could assemble the user’s list of the wireless network you are hacking by using this software.
7- Wifi Password Cracker – The software will know the password & tried efficiently to break into it.

” Mode of Sniffing User” is provided so you could watch out the activity of user’s moment on the network.
Wifi-Password Hacker Free Download with the name of  WIFI Hacker 2016 launched. that tells you how to Hack any Wireless Router quite easily by using cmd.
It functions on all electronic devices including laptops, mobiles & Pcs, etc.
There is nothing complicated about this WIFI Hacker because it only searches out all WIFI networks available in your device range and connects to them.
With the help of  Wifi Password Cracker, You could freely bypass & hack any locked WIFI signal that contains username and password.
It could felt almost like a giant fluffy hug when you hack any WIFI.
Wifi Password Hacker is the best software because quite quickly you could just click on the button & hack any WIFI without hesitation.
It is now possible to approach any router without getting permission by person or authority.
Wifi Password Hacker Free Download available. WIFI-Hacker 2016 has many advantages. By using it, you can hack WPA, WEP & WPA 2. It updates automatically, and 100% free, and no viruses are included in this software. Also, this software is compatible with all included version of Window. 
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